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News -11-12-19

Arizona’s water supplies are drying up. How will its farmers survive? As the mighty Colorado River dwindles and cropland dries out, farming families face a grim choice.

News -12-10-19

What You Need to Know About the Water Crisis in the West

News - 12-11-19

For decades, groundwater beneath Arizona's big cities has been spared. 

News - 12-12-19

 Wells drying up around Willcox.

News 12-14-19

Water remains a HOT Topic.

News- 12-31-19

Judd to hold Willcox Basin water problem workshops in 2020

News - 12-19

Perspective Piece Reflections on the Federal Role in River Management 

News - 1-1-2020

Willcox Water Project offers history lessons

News- 1-14-2020

Legislature plans to address groundwater crisis in rural Arizona

News - 1-16-2020

Rural groundwater pumping is next big Arizona water issue for lawmakers

News - 2-13-2020

DRILLING DOWN: Second Willcox water workshop covers aquifer, well health

News -2-19-2020

This bill will protect scarce water supplies for rural Arizona, if the Legislature can pass it